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SEM & PPC in Vancouver

Search engine marketing (SEM)  and PPC in Vancouver are some of the most renowned terms now used with Search engine optimization (SEO). SEM is related to the paid search and has an instantaneous effect on sales. Before starting a campaign for real, this tool determines how much the product or service is popular amongst the mass right now.

The SEM will connect consumers to your site and will potentially turn them into customers. SEM is designed for a greater purpose that is to draw customers and generate sales at a colossal rate. The most used marketing strategies and are quite handy when you are just starting a project.

Proper Strategy

Search engine management is an umbrella term for pay-per-click (PPC). PPC in Vancouver easily generates leads, and with proper marketing strategies, it boosts customers in a huge term. The worth of a service or product can easily be estimated through this marketing source before taking a larger step. 

Why do we lean towards google ads?

SEM is a large scale, but we start with the Google adverts in SEO Vancouver. The most important reason is that Google.com holds 90% of the search market. Much more than other searching services like Bing and Yahoo.com. 


Google runs entirely on PPC. So, every time someone is clicking your ad, you get paid. Any answer you might need, you just “google” it. So, there are more than five billion searches every day. This makes it the first resort for people who are looking for answers.

Google is intended for people looking for something. With social media, one is not particularly looking for something they want to buy, and they are just spending their leisure. So, the intentions are quite different, which we put a lot of emphasis on. 

With Google ads, you or we can control the runtime of your campaign completely. This needs a bunch of other hurdles that you have to cross on other platforms, which can be a lot more time-consuming. Trust us with your PPC in Vancouver.


Cost is the first thing a consumer aims for. And with Google, this one is not a big deal. You can even change and control how much you want to spend on your campaign. If it’s doing well, spend a bit more, and when not, minimize the budget for PPC in Vancouver. 

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Here are some of the advantages of SEM & PPC in Vancouver :

  1. This will increase brand visibility and create brand value by attracting new and compatible customers.  
  2. Your ads will reach out to the customers who are looking for such services or products. This will enlighten the value that you might be aiming for. 
  3. More traffic is one of the most important values for some sites. For example, blog sites are this kind of site. This will earn revenue with traffic generation.  
  4. Sales cam improve. SEM makes sure that the “might be” traffics can turn into the “are” consumers. Even in the long term, these ads are quite an exclusive source of marketing.  
  5. Placement of your business or services might be an important factor for now. And the search engine marketing system locates you in a prominent place online. 


Vancouver SEO will help you to create an online marketing system for you. We will supply you with every solution regarding SEM and PPC in Vancouver. You can even run these operations on several platforms like google maps, google shopping, etc. You can even observe your traffic ratings with Google adverts.  

Let's talk about the services that Seo Vancouver, offer you:

We can customize every one of our services according to our clients.

Creating or reinventing an account

First, we’ll start with a general Google ad account to launch the campaign. We’ll begin to will the minimal one, and with every new upgrade and traffic generation, we’ll also increase the cost of that advertisement. 

We always have more flexible options with the Google adverts, and we can pay for the results. If you are getting more, you give more.

And if they ever need shampoo, for example, they reach out to your site and purchase that product with your PPC in Vancouver links. 

Keyword Research

Vancouver SEO will not design or market your campaign without proper knowledge and planning. And for learning, we need a clear idea about who the consumers are and where they are looking for. 

And this is how we approach it. Our team of experts has worked hard relating to the audience generation. We start with frequently asked questions and will end in mapping the keywords for your PPC in Vancouver campaign. 

Setting Up The Campaign

This is our third step, and this is where we put our design team on for your PPC in Vancouver. They make the advertisement look pleasant and reachable.  


Revolving our work surrounding the audience, we create ads through several checklists. The language, images, videos, graphics, etc. Are unique and done with precision. We focus the most on our landing pages as they are the heart of our marketing tactics. 

Creating Ads

This is also a crucial part related to SEM or PPC in Vancouver. We tend to customize the groups for targeted audiences. We can change the text for a quality score.


The ad group name is also selected carefully, taking measurements and only for the targeted audiences. This tends to generate only that part who are the buyers. 

Adjsuting The Bids

This one is calculated while measuring up when and how. And we activate the ads by scrutinizing the customers. Thus, this generates more traffic. We even measure out the time and location for ads for PPC in Vancouver.


Vancouver SEO has its algorithm and statics to run these tests, and we change the business metrics accordingly. We will even customize our campaigns if the results aren’t that relevant. 

Positive/Negative Keywords

For a successful campaign, we use both kinds of keywords. This all sums up our result. Negative keywords might be directly linked, but Positive keywords lead to traffic generation.


That’s why we combine these two and maintain a ratio to balance out the campaign completely. Our team of experts is quite mindful in such regards.

We Solve Real Problems

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Let us help you buils your SEO strategy today!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a powerful branding tool!

Monthly Reports

For our company and our clients, there are extensive monthly reports on every campaign we ever run. As long as that campaign is live, we collect these reports. This report will include different graphics, tables with numbers, and an executive summary. And as a client, you'll have full liberty to customize the campaign tactics with our teams. This part is quite important for both parties when it comes to pPC in Vancouver.

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