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One of the leading social media sites in Canada right now is Facebook, with thirty-two million users. This rate even surpasses the USA. About 60% of people here use Instagram, and about 15% of people use Pinterest regularly. And due to the pandemic, this rate extended than before at a linear rate. That is why social media marketing in Vancouver is so important for your business. 

Social media marketing in Vancouver and management are some of the most leading platforms for advertising your business. No one uses billboards or TV anymore. You need a Facebook page, which is free of cost, and start posting. Now you have an active business. All you have to do is post regularly and maintain the integrity of your page. 

Get Started

Anyone can just set up a page and start marketing. But if we are thinking about social media marketing and management on a large scale, there are much greater things we need to reflect on. And this is where we are we the Seo Vancouver comes in touch. They’re much more to consider if we are going for social media marketing in Vancouver. Like the search engine marketing and Google adverts, some specific strategies and lengths are quite exclusive for this task. 

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Let’s start with Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has almost two billion, and Instagram has a billion-dollar users. Even the new trend TikTok has eight hundred million users. So almost half of the worldwide population uses social media regularly. These are the platforms they spend most of their time in. 

A person, on average, spends two and a half-hour on social media every day. So that’ll be 10% of your day spent there. This is why these are some of the leading marketing sites in the world. We don’t google the product we are looking for anymore. Even if we do, we must’ve seen that product somewhere before. Whether you are selling cars, lending money, or a nail expert, we have a solution for you! 

This is how social media marketing in Vancouver plays its part. There was a trend in TikTok a few days earlier called “things TikTok made me buy.” And these things or products were random goods that were thought to be “unique” and “aesthetic” by people or influencers on social media. This is just one example of social media marketing. And even if you message a friend using a random product, many sponsored pages show the product. This is how social media marketing in Vancouver acts.  

Use Multiple Social Media

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Our Social Media Strategy

At first, we determine our goal and how our client wants to designate themselves with social media marketing in Vancouver.  

We next mark the particular audiences who are interested in that service. 

Then we choose the platform that’s best for our management strategies and social media marketing in Vancouver. The leading platform is Facebook, and the second will be Pinterest in Canada. 

Then we choose how we want to represent our contents. Everything will be mapped per our client’s instructions. We can opt for a promotional, informative, or entertaining tone. 

Quantifiable standards like KPI should be able to relate to our strategic plans. And this will indicate the rate of success of social media marketing in Vancouver.  

Company Strengths At A Glance

How SEO Vancouver Can Help?

Brand Awareness

This ensures that you have a brand name. And every random people who are not even your consumer knows that your business exists.  

And if they ever need a lamp, for example, they reach out to your site and purchase that product. 

Monitoring Competitors

With social media marketing in Vancouver, you get exactly how the traffic is opting for the service. The monitors the traffic movement and sorts out a clean chart or sheet of how and which criteria can increase sales. Sometimes we follow the trend and advertise the products on platforms that are popular now. Collaborating with influencers is one of these ways. 

And we do have to look out for your Rivals as well. Anything they are doing; we’ll do it better. That’s how we make a sorted layout.

Website Audience Growth

If we consider an e-commerce site, the main goal will be to gather as many people as possible. And it was then getting consumers. This is how you want your site to work. That is what social media does. 

You are advertising a product on Facebook or Twitter. But to order that product, the audience will line up to your website. Even the details of the product are available on the website. And this is how our team of experts will operate.   

Feedback Handling

Everyone has opinions on social media, no matter who they are. So, for a business site or page, the mass has some opinions. They can be negative or positive for the time being.  


And we as a marketing team works with every kind of feedback we get. Even the negative feedback works like a charm on social media platforms. Memes are live examples of such marketing.

Increase Sales

Our main purpose is to deliver you a particular platform where you can run your businesses at ease. And this will start with traffic generation. If you already have a website or web portal, we need to make people aware of your existence.  


This will start with a free Facebook page for starters. For advertising purposes, you can even upgrade your page to a paid one, which will help you to reach more people. The more followers you have, the more traffic you have. And about 40% of them are your potential consumer. 

Demand Research

Not all kinds of people use the same thing, and not all are in the same place. For instance, if you want to trade a lamp, and you are marketing on Twitter. It’ll most likely fail, as Twitter is much more of a sophisticated platform. You can try using Pinterest to sell a lamp, where everyone is always looking for Home Depot items. 

This is the analytical research our team does. We gather all the social media marketing and start all of them at the same time. Then we gather information about which is generating more traffic. That’s how we sort out which we should put more accent on. And this approach changes randomly almost every other week. 

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