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SEO Vancouver deals with every criterion related to different lengths of SEO and advancing your overall appearance and approach on the Internet. Web development and Web design in Vancouver are some of our core services and are controlled by our specialists. We aim to design our services according to market analysis equipped with necessary action.  

Design Vs Development

Website development and web design in Vancouver are two completely different areas. And here at SEO Vancouver, we offer you the exact cut on how you can start your startup or just bring your business into the web market. There are several services related to website design and development that our company is sufficient with. And for starters, we can design a complete web page for you and even create an online app for your customers.  

Web Design In Vancouver

Let us start with web design in Vancouver. Web design is one of the most promising and professional ways to secure your presence on the Internet. We offer you different kinds of websites which will be interactive and responsive.


Custom web design 

We will articulate to you in pixels and HTML. So, you’ll get your site from scratch. We will start will analyzing your ideas and approach likewise. Purpose, usage, and avid functionality will ensure a good website to work on. 


E-commerce web design 

E-commerce is one of the most trendy sets of sites that people are engrossed in. Anything you want, you can get it on the Internet. Even small business wants a platform where they can sell services or goods.  

An e-commerce site needs to be maintained, and most importantly, it has to be highly receptive to the consumers. We, SEO Vancouver, deliver that authentic adventure. We make sure the site will be both owner and user-friendly at the same time. 

WordPress sites 

WordPress is one of the most used open-source content management systems in the world. This can go with e-commerce, blog sites, web content site, social media site, portfolio sites, etc. You can customize a page efficiently, even if you are not a web designer by profession.  

And this is where we help you with web design in Vancouver. We’ll give you a personalized web page for your business. And you can easily customize it in your own way. This is a great way to start for bloggers. 

UI/ UX sites 

We involve both UI and UX in our customized website designs in Vancouver. It is better than the general sites and is a much more responsive and aesthetically pleasing platform. 

This will give you a very new facade and a unique platform for your work. These are the best sites for analytical and iteration work in general. We have in-house UX designers who are familiar with user-based searches and technologies. 

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Webpage maintenance

This is relatively our new services added. We will help you to increase the functionality of your site. We can even customize some of the important parts that are not up to date. We’ll help you increase the speed of your site and the activities of the site so it’ll be more user-friendly.  

We’ll help you to input visual content, design elements like graphics, promo, etc. We can even update some plugins or a broken code if needed. This is part of our web design in Vancouver.

Web Development In Vancouver

Web development is a step further from the website design in Vancouver criteria. This obviously involves coding, but it is much more than that. We recommend our clients go for an application suitable to their needs and something they can familiarize themselves with. 

The engineers make web development a complicated process. But our goal is to deliver a product that will be user-friendly. Here we offer you multiple services regarding web development. SEO Vancouver provides you with your own platform with efficient tools, forums, databases, client management. This makes it a multi-layer web experience.  

E-commerce web development

This platform or software is completely based on customer value. This starts with where the crowd is heading towards in general. The products should be selected at that rate as well. You can aim for any ERP or CRM platform for this kind of site that will be compatible with your application.  

Next, you will need a proper place to customize your program. We design the site so it’ll be accessible and easy to maintain. We also retain the speed and runtime of the platform. 

Magneto, Laravel, and Shopify web development

This one is new in town but not something you are not familiar with. This one is quite similar to WordPress and Drupal. But mainly famous for content marketing on a huge scale. Like WordPress, this one is easy to customize, and we can upgrade it according to your needs.  

You can use several plugins and applications to make it more flexible for your clients. And as developers, we will help you to understand this procedure and even maintain it for you. 

Shopify is much more design-friendly, and you’ll have more control over your site. This is also used as an e-commerce origin. But this one is a live store. Shopify is easy to crack as you can edit it quickly.  

Laravel is also a web frame like WordPress, but this one is much more simple. This one has high-security standards and loads much faster than other CMSs.  

Web portal development

Web portals are everywhere nowadays. From schools to merchandising companies, you need a particular portal accessible to all its members. These portals are used as a source of information for a specific group of people. More importantly, this portal is combined with articles, links, and blogs

We, the SEO Vancouver, will help you design such a web portal that’ll be accessible for a large group of people and will be easy to update from time to time. 

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