What is YouTube SEO?

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YouTube is a much more popular video publishing website. Millions of videos are being uploaded and updated here every day. To find out what is YouTube SEO and how to do YouTube video SEO?

We can easily increase our subscribers by doing YouTube video SEO. Today Vancouver SEO tells you how we can increase the number of our subscribers through YouTube SEO. 

What is YouTube SEO?

Before we know what YouTube SEO is, we need to know about SEO. The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. In simple words, take your channel to the top.

Youtube SEO

The Importance of YouTube

SEO is very important for a website. Even an essential issue for the website. SEO is the best way to promote on the internet. Before making or uploading a YouTube video, you must first make your own video about something, right?

Five Key Factors for YouTube SEO

Do you know, to rank your video on YouTube, there are some key factors? Among them, we would discuss five key factors that improve your SEO on Youtube. 

  • Interesting & Attractive Title 
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Annotations
  • Appealing Thumbnails
  • Interesting and Attractive Tittle For YouTube SEO

You have to give a title that touches the heart of any person. For example, the title of the work we are discussing would be an interesting but effective way to increase the view of your video. You must enter your main keyboard in the title.

  • Tags For YouTube SEO

You have to give 5 to 6 tags. The tags will be the keywords you choose. You have to give the tag based on what your viewers will type and search. There are many words that we usually search for in English. So, we need to use a tag so that viewers can get it very easily.

How does Youtube SEO works
  • Description For YouTube SEO

Those who work on YouTube may or may not know that Watch Time. If you have made your video 7 or 8 minutes, then many people watch the whole video and many people do not. It will take a lot longer to try.

Give at least 300 or 400 words. Guess how your video might be searched and written in the form of a story. Sometimes you have to put the keywords in the text. It can be said that using “keyword-rich video description” to get YouTube video views from the search engine is very profitable.

  • YouTube Annotations For YouTube SEO

You need to add annotations to your video. Give an annotation after 30 seconds in the video, then if the viewer does not like it, then you will leave the annotated video. At the end of the video, give the user a few more annotations. Then the views of your videos will continue to grow. This is a very good job you can do.

  • Appealing Thumbnails For YouTube SEO

The thumbnail is the image in front of or at the beginning of your video. Usually, when we all go through a search, we see the first picture of the video. If we like it, we click on the video and if not, I don’t. So a lot depends on this thumbnail. If we don’t provide good thumbnails then no one will watch our video. So we have to give an interesting thumbnail to make our viewer.

Our Suggestions

YouTube SEO is a wide matter, but Vancouver SEO tried to give simple guidelines so that you easily do YouTube SEO by yourself. Or you can contact us for more info about YouTube SEO.

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