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Vancouver SEO Inc. is a  full service, digital marketing agency that has been registered in the province of British Columbia since 2015,   Our core belief is that there is a better way to do marketing, one that places the needs of our clients as the priority.

We are passionate about digital marketing, and have a  focus on Search Engine Optimization to improve organic search results.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

The art of getting your website ranked on Google’s elusive ‘Front Page’ is our specialty. We implement a comprehensive ‘tried and true’ SEO methodology for all our clients. This process begins Day 1, and is carried out each and every day afterwards. Organic search traffic is one of the most effective ways to generate news leads, news sales, and reinforce your brand to a targeted audience that is actively searching your industry. 

Website Audit

The single most valuable tool that we produce for our clients is the comprehensive Website Audit Report. It provides a detailed analysis of our clients website, their competitors and the overall industry. The report is the first step in any of our SEO relationships, and provides the foundation for all work that is performed thereafter. We provide audit reports as an à la carte service, or as part of a comprehensive strategy.

Social Media Marketing

There is perhaps no more misunderstood aspect of digital marketing than social media. The reality is that social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. represent some of the most profitable opportunities. The key here is knowing how to engage this medium, and leverage it to increase your sales, or brand exposure. Every week, we generate thousands of new followers for both ourselves, and our clients, generating new leads and marketing new brands.

Pay Per Click Marketing

While SEO garners most of the attention, SEM or PPC marketing represents the most immediate and cost effective strategies for generating new leads and sales. Developing and managing PPC campaigns is an art that we have spend many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars honing.  

Organic Link Building

Link building continue to be the cornerstone for all successful online marketing efforts, most certainly when it comes to establishing long-term success with regards to Google rankings. There is no short cuts when it comes to building good quality links that will generate results, hard work, a sound strategy and finally a methodical approach are the key ingredients to link building. 

Reputation Management

The Internet gives the world access to incredible amounts of information that previously was hard to access. The problem is that not all the information is accurate, and much of it is false by design. This is a problem if the subject of that information is your company, or worse you. We have a lot of experience implementing strategies to mitigate this problem, and protecting your good name.

Agile Project Management

Our company was founded on the principles of the Agile Methodology, and we continue to practice what we preach everyday.  All of our clients will 

Digital Marketing Consulting

As a consultant, we can offer a great deal of insight on the development, implementation and maintenance of your digital properties. At the heart of our company, Vancouver SEO is consultant first and foremost. We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that will deliver leads, generate sales and build your brand.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the entire world, and one of the most effect ways to market your product or service. We have extensive experience in developing Youtube / Video Marketing campaigns that are results driven.. Let us show you how we can help your company to increase its exposure via video marketing.

Conversion Optimization

Getting customers online is highly competitive, as more businesses look to generate digital leads. Getting a website or landing page ranked is only the first step in the process. Having a #1 rating in Google for your chosen keyword term is meaningless if the page that is attracting the potential leads is poorly setup to convert that traffic into leads and customers. We specialize in implementing tools to make sure this does not happen to our clients.

Keyword Research

It is shocking how many business owners simply do not know or understand  what their customers are looking for online,  Keyword Research is imperative to any successful digital marketing strategy, and is proven to provide new opportunities that are both cost effective and highly profitable. 

eCommerce Consulting

Shopping online has evolved, and consumers and trending toward purchasing many of their products online. We have successfully developed a countless eCommerce solutions for our clients, enabling them to sell their goods or services to a global audience. Ranking for products and services is a competitive endeavour, and we can show you how to compete at the global level, and win!

Mobile Optimization

Mobile communications continues to dominate the world of digital marketing, as consumers increasingly reply upon their mobile smart phones and tablets. If your website and digital marketing strategy does not catering to mobile users, then you are leaving a ton of money on the table. We can correct this quickly and efficiently and get your company back on track. 

Analytics & Data Reports

There are lots of agencies that claim to help their clients build a digital marketing strategy, but Vancouver SEO believes talk is cheap, the proof is ultimately in the site analytics. We implement Google Analytics & Google Search Console for all of our projects and then closely monitor the traffic reports to adapt our campaigns for the best ROI.

Content Devlopment

It has been said that ‘Content is King’ on the Internet, and we would be the first to concur with that opinion. We are constantly working with our clients to develop a content strategy that meets their established goals and expand their business. Our team takes that strategy and builds custom content that maximizes traffic, and generates leads. 

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