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Vancouver SEO, BC With A Team Of Experts

Search Engine Optimization or SEO marketing as some people call it is the only way for your business to pull in potentially hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers to your website over time. Whether you are a local business that caters to Vancouver alone or a Vancouver-based business that sells products across North America, our SEO in Vancouver can help you get highly targeted traffic fresh off SERPs!

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Vancouver SEO, BC

Over the years, we’ve developed strategies and protocols that have helped rank many of our
clients successfully with SEO in Vancouver. We’ve successfully turned two-person operations
into large businesses by optimizing their websites to rank for hundreds of highly targeted
keywords, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of sales each day.
Our online marketing team can do the same for your website!

Our team will:

  • Increase highly targeted traffic to your website from leading search engines like Google, Bing,
    and Yahoo
  • Use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to maximize every click to your website to boost
  •  Roll out strategies that help you retain customers with lots of repeat business.
  • Our digital marketing services help your business achieve the results you always wanted.

Furthermore, we will help you uncover opportunities and use SEO in Vancouver to expand your business online. Our SEO experts in Vancouver will work with you to fully understand your goals and put in place a system that helps deliver those results ASAP. If anything, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver excellent results consistently.

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Social Media

We provide Social Media management and consultant services.

Web Design​

Our team can build a beautiful website that is SEO-friendly. Don't choose between beauty & efficiency, get both!


Pay-Per-Click is a great digital marketing tool to bring traffic to your site.

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Why Do You Need Our Vancouver SEO Service?

When was the last time you used a search engine to find something? We’d be willing to bet it was a few minutes ago. Just about everyone, whether they are searching for the nearest sushi bar or highly rated moving companies, use search engines. That’s why if your business isn’t in the top 5 spots for what they are searching for, the chances of you ever getting their business is next to zero! While Vancouver, BC is home to many SEO companies not everyone can guarantee the results we can. Our Search Engine Optimization experts put your business on the first page for keywords that people are using to find businesses just like yours. This gives your business an edge by selling to them when they are possibly interested in buying. This approach increases sales exponentially.

Carry Out Keyword Research

The first step to ranking on Google or any other search engine for that matter is to find what keywords people are using to search for businesses like yours. Often there are a whole bunch of keywords, but only a few may be worth targeting initially. However, that requires us to use the latest tools to pull up a long list of keywords and then sift through it to find the ones that are best suited to your business. That would be the first step for SEO in Vancouver.

Best On-page SEO with Vancouver SEO

Links between the pages, in addition to the content, need to be optimized for your website. Depending on if you have a few dozen or a few hundred pages, on-page optimization is one of the keys to ranking high. However, it requires a combination of the latest tools to audit and experience to ensure that each page is correctly optimized to deliver optimal results.

Generate optimized content

Keyword-rich content isn’t enough; the content also needs to offer the visitors value. As SEO Vancouver professionals, we balance the need for SEO-optimized content with delivering a great experience to visitors. Here too, our experience and an understanding of your industry help us draft optimized content that ticks all the required boxes to perform.

Build backlink or link building campaigns

Now there are various types of backlinks for SEO in Vancouver. Some can be bad, others deliver no value, and sometimes even links from a trusted website may not be very effective if not used correctly. As professionals, we’ve figured out what types of links work best and work hard to build those types of links, essentially helping our clients maintain their excellent rankings in addition to ranking for more keywords.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Getting traffic to your website is winning 50% of the game; the other 50% is converting that traffic to paying customers or leads. That’s where CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization comes in. We use a multitude of website analytics tools to improve conversions. Often that means tweaking the content on some of the busiest pages based on the data we see. Over time our goal is to deliver the highest possible CRO. In our experience, SEO in Vancouver requires more than just bringing in traffic; it is also the art of converting that traffic to leads and sales for clients that matters just as much. As a digital marketing company, we use data and experience to ensure the best results.

Monitor and Report Progress

Our team makes it a point to monitor each keyword, the traffic to your website, and other interesting stats which are part of our report. That way, you get to see what we’re doing and how effective it has been at driving more traffic to your website. Though most of our clients are often too busy with all the organic traffic, they are getting from search engines to read the reports we send their way!

We are not your average Vancouver SEO agency. Not only does our team have years of experience, but we’ve successfully ranked dozens of websites across the city and beyond. We have the knowledge, experience, and a dedicated team that works to deliver results for our
clients. We service businesses of all sizes across Canada and the United States. That’s why, whether it is national SEO or local SEO in Vancouver, we have the expertise to handle it.

Our SEO team also specializes in other aspects of running an online marketing campaign like email marketing, lead generation, social media, etc. Here are a couple of more reasons to choose us:

Meet Our Clients

How Does Vancouver SEO Work ?

The first step for us is to understand more about your business and how it works. We start with a free consultation to learn about your business, its goals, and how our SEO in Vancouver can help you. Every business is different and we want to know the needs and wants of that business. Whether it is a van conversion company, a mortgage brokerage, or a bakery, we have something for you! Our SEO Vancouver team will then start working on various aspects of your online presence with On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

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Local SEO in Vancouver

Many people assume that local SEO in Vancouver is like national or international SEO, which isn’t the case. Local SEO is a whole different ball game that requires an approach that’s tailored to the business. If you are a local business in Vancouver like a restaurant, hotel, electrician, plumber, etc., we can help your website and listing rank each time someone in Vancouver is searching for a business like yours. We need to employ various local search engine optimization strategies to make all of this possible. We also recommend that local business owners use social media marketing to build brand awareness and communicate with their target audience. In addition to putting certain protocols in place to ensure that rankings are maintained, you have a consistent flow of traffic, leads, and customers via our SEO efforts.

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New Google Algorithm Update? No Problem

Search engines like Google are always updating their algorithms. Google’s infamous algorithm updates happen multiple times a year and consequently disrupt the rankings of many businesses. However, we don’t fear changes; in fact, we plan for it. While no website regardless of size is immune to algorithm updates, we have contingencies in place that minimize the impact for our clients and help us recover from it. In our experience, the best SEO in Vancouver is one that plans for the future. Over the years, we’ve worked through dozens of algorithm updates and will continue to do so. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why businesses like yours should hire seasoned veterans of the SEO industry like us.

Technical SEO in Vancouver

Technical SEO

We are one of the few Vancouver SEO agencies that focus on a great deal of technical SEO in Vancouver. In our experience, technical SEO makes a world of difference, but our professionals do it right. We work to minimize if not eliminate performance issues, troubleshoot technical irregularities, and optimize components on your website. Our team also runs regular website health check-ups to ensure technical problems don’t hamper the SEO campaign in any way. When businesses sign up with us, a professional is assigned to monitor the website and fix technical issues as soon as they surface or are reported.

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